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Take your friends canoeing...

Seven Mile
3-5 hours
Beginners should take a short trip without small children. This is also a popular trip for experienced river runners. We shuttle you by bus or van to the Atterbury boat ramp and your trip ends at the livery.

Nine Mile
4-6 hours
This very beautiful trip begins at Furnas Mill dam and ends at the livery. Once again, we shuttle you from the livery to the input. The first part of the trip flows through a state wildlife preserve, then on through four miles of Camp Atterbury Wilderness Area, ending at the livery. You feel as if you're far from civilization while you're actually less than a mile from state highway 31.

Blue's Canoe Livery Release Form

(The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this Release Form.)

High Water
After extended periods of heavy rain we sometimes experience very high water or flood conditions in which we close the livery. It's a good idea to check our Facebook page or call us a day ahead to check water conditions.

Business Hours and Shuttle Buses

We open at 9am 7-days a week through August, then Weekends only during September

Shuttle buses will leave as often as needed taking our guests to our put-in locations. Buses will run:

- 9am through 1:00pm on weekdays
- 9am through 2:00pm on weekends
(on very busy days, buses will run as often as needed)

All trips must be completed by:

6:00 pm on weekdays
7:00 pm on weekends and holidays
(the last bus run of the day and trip completion times will adjust to earlier times in the spring and fall due to shorter daylight hours.)

You should plan to arrive on the half hour before your trip leaves to allow time to sign in, change clothes and select equipment.

* Every adult must read and sign a release of liability before starting the trip and parents must sign a release form for minor children.

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